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            Steps to Run multiple Manage Engine Products in the same server.

            The server should have sufficient resources to run them all together.

            ManageEngine products make use of different ports for each application so they can be installed on the same server.

            However you will have to overcome following issues while using it daily.

            1.)Running all Applications on a single host makes the availability of that server highly critical. If the server go down all your Applications will be down.

            2.)It will be inconvenient during a troubleshooting sessions with any of the product support ,where there is any requirement to reboot the server.

            3.)Another issue is we will not be able to access the web-clients of all these Applications at the same time and work with them simultaneously over the same browser. The other application will be loged off when you access the second Application from the same browser.

            (Workaround for this is provided below)

            Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

            • Stop the PMP service and take a backup of the file named system_properties.conf present in PMP\conf directory.
            • Edit this file and add the below lines below under the line ntlm.version=v2.
            • org.apache.catalina.SESSION_COOKIE_NAME=MYSESSIONID
            • org.apache.catalina.authenticator.Constants.SSO_SESSION_COOKIE_NAME=MYSESSIONIDSSO
            • Save the file and start the PMP service.

            After doing this, you should be able to login to Password Manager Pro when the other ManageEngine products are running without any issues.

            Updated: 01 May 2017 11:55 AM
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