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            Skip forced backup before upgrade

            Please ensure there is a recent VM backup/snapshot or a valid SQL backup or PGSQL backup that was taken just before the upgrade and then skip application backup.

            For 9000 Upgrade:

            Edit the batch file called 'Updatemanager.bat' found under C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin. Near the bottom of the batch file,after  -Dtier-type=BE

            add  -DSDBackUp=false.

            Invoke the updatemanager batch file and try for the upgrade, this should work without forcing a backup.

            Make sure there is a valid backup of 8316 before doing this.

            For 9200 Upgrade:

            Open the UpdateManager.bat and add the below entry, AFTER the text %JAVA_OPTS%. Provide a space after this text and add the entry and provide a space.


            Make sure there is a valid backup of 9009 before doing this.

            For 9300 upgrade:

            There is an option to disable the enforced backup during upgrade by modifying the below changes in "UpdMgr.bat" file which is placed under

            <ServiceDeskPlusMSP-Home>/bin/scripts/UpdMgr.bat. Please make sure you have successfully created backups of your production environment before altering the file.

            Change the below content,

            %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -Xmx512m %JAVA_OPTS% -Dtier-type=BE -Dtools.discSpaceCheck=false -Duser.language="en" -Djava.library.path=.\lib\native -Dtier-id=BE1 -u server\default\conf %*


            %JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -Xmx512m %JAVA_OPTS% -Dtier-type=BE -DSDBackUpMSP=42F9axFrXEsxMEl -Dtools.discSpaceCheck=false -Duser.language="en" -Djava.library.path=.\lib\native -Dtier-id=BE1 -u server\default\conf %*

            Make sure there is a valid backup of 9210 before doing this.

            Above will work during 9400 upgrade as well, so no need to change anything.

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