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            Set Requester depending on the selected asset

            Use case: 
            When a defected asset is being serviced by a technician, they will have to create a ticket with the full details for tracking purpose.  Defect request has to be raised by the requester owning the asset, and technician will not have any information on this.  When changing the value of the asset field, the respective user associated with the asset needs to be populated as the "Requester"

            Execution Steps: 

            Go to Admin > Incident Templates > Select a particular template > Field and Form Rules > Rule execution - On Create / Edit > Event - "On Field Change" - "Category" > Actions - Execute Script - Copy Paste the attached content and save the script.

            Note: Update the "Category" field after filling the asset value, for setting the Requester name.

            Field And Form Rule:

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            Updated: 24 Oct 2018 06:31 AM
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