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            NFA and NCM 12 Default Admin password Reset_postgres Database

            1. Open a command prompt

            2. Go to the <Opmanager_HOME>\pgsql\bin directory

            3. Type
            For Windows    :   psql -U postgres -p 13306 -h -d OpManagerDB
            For Linux        :   ./psql -U postgres -p 13306 -h -d OpManagerDB

            Please exectue the below query :

            select name,apikey from ApiKeyToUserMap inner join AAALogin on AAALogin.USER_ID=ApiKeyToUserMap.APIKEYID inner join ApiKey on ApiKey.APIKEYID=ApiKeyToUserMap.APIKEYID where name='admin';

            4 . Copy the API Key from the output of the query.

            5. Install the Google chrome Postman add-on.


            6. Open a Google chrome browser and open Postman add-on and execute the below API command in POST method to reset the password.

            For Example:


            Localhost - Opmanager server IP:webserverport
            API key - Copied from the command output
            New Password- new password for admin user

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            Updated: 07 Mar 2018 04:47 AM
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