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            Netflow(Plug-in) statistics not shown in Opmanager

            When the Netflow(Plug-in) statistics doesn't show up in Opmanager, follow the steps listed below to fix the issue -
            1 - Stop the Opmanager service.
            2 - Navigate to %Opmanager%\netflow\webapps\netflow\WEB-INF
            3 - Edit the security.xml file, search for callp and add max-occurrences="10" to the first line that comes up. so it should look like this -

            <param name="callP" type="cleartext:filter" max-occurrences="10"/>

            4 - Once done, save this xml file and now start Opmanager service.

            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 04:07 PM
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