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            Mysql to Pgsql/Mssql -- Plugin

            Mysql to Pgsql/Mssql  Migration Plugin:

            Stop Opmanager service and take a backup of the entire Opmanager folder before doing the data migration.

            • Install Opmanager 11500 pgsql with Netflow 10250 (for mssql, select mssql DB during installation).  from
            • start the OpManager & apply license.
            • Stop OpManager.
            • Copy the backup folder from OpManager(mysql) to the new installation under <Opmanager Home> directory.
            • Restore the database using present under OpManager/bin/backup directory and restart the Opmanager.
                                 ex:-   Navigate to  c:\<OpManager Home>\bin\backup
                                         Execute RestoreDB.bat "c:\OpManager\backup\".

            • Start the service and Make sure that OpManager is working fine.
            • Stop OpManager service.
            • Download and Unzip MigrateData.Zip under OpManager\<NetFlow> directory.
            • Open a cmd prompt as administrator , Navigate to  OpManager\<NetFlow>\MigrateData and execute "migrate.bat.
                                 1. Input existing Mysql installation Directory path and press enter .
                                           ex:--   c:\ME\OpManager\NetFlow
                                 2. Wait for Script Completion
            • Start the OpManager(pgsql).You can get the current migration status in Netflow Plugin UI as banner.

            Reference :-- 
                      OpManager Migration Link --
            Updated: 04 Sep 2018 03:44 AM
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