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            License management page does not load as expected (due to license violation)

            After license violation, the user will be unable to access the license management page. Identified it as a bug in the product (3950) (During License violation, the page will keep on loading without any response. This is due to some entries(/,/ missing in the web.xml and few changes in the code)

            Modifiy <AnalyticsPlus Home>\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\web.xml

            Add param values (/,/ under the <param-name>excludedUrls</param-name> of below filter names

            • <filter-name>ZROPFilter</filter-name>
            • <filter-name>ZROPSessionFilter</filter-name>

            Adding to the above, place the fix (1License.jar) under <Analytics Plus Home>/lib and restart Analytics Plus services.
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