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            Jar Replacing Steps

                  1. Stop OpUtils Service
                  2. Rename the logs folder
                  3. Download the zip from
                  4. Go to <OpUtils_installation_folder>/ManageEngine/OpUtils/lib
                  5. Take manual backup of "AdventNetOpUtils.jar" from <OpUtils_installation_folder>/ManageEngine/OpUtils/lib to somewhere else from OpUtils_installation_folder
                  6. Unzip the recently downloaded under <OpUtils_installation_folder>/ManageEngine/OpUtils/lib folder
                  7. Click yes to replace the "AdventNetOpUtils.jar" if the file already exists
                  8. Start the OpUtils Service
                  9. Set log level to INFO(If Startup/Client issue this setup is not needed)
                  10. Check the reported issue
                  11. If Issue persist then upload the entire logs directory

              PS: Attaching Screenshots will help us more
              Updated: 14 Nov 2016 11:03 PM
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