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            Inputs required for analyzing Mail fetching or Notification issues

            In case you face mail fetching or mail notification issues, please follow the steps below and send the necessary files for analysis.

            Usually, mail fetching issue will occur when the mail thread is locked. It will be resolved once the restart the application. If you gather the below details, post restarting the service it
            wont be helpful for us. So please gather it before restarting the application.

            Collect the Thread dump :

            Please collect the Thread dump using the below method before restarting the application. This is very important to analyze mail fetching issues.

            To generate the thread dump, please invoke the below URL on the web browser.

            For servername , substitute the name of the server and the port that you're using.

            Invoke the above URL again, once you are able to see the output in the window. (Repeat the step for 3 times)

            Zip the complete log folder :

            Navigate into the supportcenter/server/default -> log folder and zip it and send the complete zip file to us.

            Now you can restart the service once to get the issue resolved.

            You can upload all the details in our by selecting the SupportCenter Plus as Product and ticket ID in the comments for our reference.
            Please contact us at for any assistance.
            Updated: 23 Dec 2018 11:32 PM
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