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            How to start OpManager through command Prompt?

            Question : How do I start OpManager using Command prompt rather using Windows service for the troubleshooting                   purpose?


            1)Stop ManageEngine OpManager Service if running ( Go to Run > type "Services.msc" > stop the service)

            2)Open Windows  Task Manager, kill OpManager "java.exe" and "mysqld-nt.exe"  processes if running.

            3)Go to OpManager server command prompt (using "Run as administrator" option for Win7 and above OS).

            4)Go to "\\OpmanagerHome\bin" directory ( Ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageEngine\OpManager\bin>)

            5)Execute " StartOpManagerServer.bat" file 
              (Ex:  C:\Program Files (x86)\ManageEngine\OpManager\bin>StartOpManagerServer.bat)

            6) OpManager will try to start all  modules with a message" started " for each modules (If any of the modules says failed, there could be  some problems which needs to be fixed)and finally will prompt you to connect to the Webclient using Servername/IP:port.

                (Ex:Please connect your client to the web server on port: 9090 as http://OpManager:9090)

            (Note : If you get "DBServer failed " message , most of the cases it will be because of your Antivirus running on the server, disabling Antivirus and restarting OpManager will fix the problem)

            7)Without closing the command prompt , open up a web browser window and try to access Opmanager webclient.

            8)If everything looks good , you can stop Opmanager through command prompt by pressing Control + C and type "Y" to terminate all   process  and start  "ManageEngine OpManager Service " and make sure it works fine.

            (The above steps are applicable for  both  OpManager Stand alone and Enterprise versions)

            Note : Only one  method at a time should be used to start Opmanager ( either through windows service or command prompt not both at a time)

            Updated: 10 Jul 2014 12:54 AM
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