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            How to start OpManager as service in systemd Linux versions

            Steps to follow:

                  1. Stop the OpManager. 

                  2. Extract the attached file( and move the below mentioned files into /opt/ManageEngine/OpManager/bin directory. 
                              b. Opmanager_systemd.conf 
                              c. opm_service 

                  3. Login as su or root user, open terminal and go to /opt/ManageEngine/OpManager/bin/ directory. 

                  4. run "chmod 777 * " command to give permission to the new files. 

                  5. Execute the script. 

                  6. It will add the opmanager as service.

                  7. Make sure the hostname is added in the /etc/hosts file.
             If not added means ,add it like below and save it.
             Ex : If your host name is my-host-opm
                  8. Try reboot the machine and check the status. 

            You can use

                  systemctl start opmanager.service       - to start the Opmanager 
                  systemctl status opmanager.service     - to get the status of Opmanager Application. 

            Once you have followed the above steps to add Opmanager As service. 
            You can use the below command to start, stop, restart, get the status of Opmanager. 

            Commands : 
            Login as super user, Go to /opt/ManageEngine/OpManager/bin/ directory and use below commands. 

            To Start Opmanager                 -  ./opm_service start 
            To Stop Opmanager                  -  ./opm_service stop <Opmanager_username> <Opmanager_Password> 
            To restart Opmanager               -  ./opm_service restart 
            To get status of Opmanager      -  ./opm_service status 

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            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 02:58 AM
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