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            How to restore the database of supportcenter plus in a new instance?

            1. Find out the build number of the live server.
            You can know it from About Product (inside ? icon)in the top right of the user interface.

            2. Download the same version from the below link
            Example :
            if your build number is 8108 then download 8108 build

            3. In the test install the downloaded build.
            4. Start the service once and then Shutdown the service.

            5. Then Restore the backup data which is taken from the Live server.

                * Restoring Data Steps:
                Go to [Supportcenter Home]\\bin
                execute the command restoreData.bat
                It will open a new window browse the backup file and click ok to start the restore operation.

            6. Once the above process is completed, Start the service

            Now login to the portal and change the Incoming and outgoing mail server address else the users will get notifications and the emails will also be fetched wrongly in this instance as well.

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