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            How to monitor Windows 2012 Server using local admin account?

            Windows 2012 server can not be monitored using local admin account from a remote machine. We have to follow these steps on the monitored server to allow remote WMI polling for the local admin account.

            If you want to use a local user to monitor the target machine (no matter if workgroup or domain machine), set up this user account as following. 
            Note: This approach does not work with a domain user!
            • Open the Computer/Server Management tool on the target machine.
            • Navigate to System | Local Users and Groups | Groups.
            • Add the local user to Distributed COM Users and to Performance Monitor Users.
            • Navigate to Services and Applications below in the management panel.
            • Right-click WMI Control and choose Properties.
            • Select the Security tab.
            • Navigate to the namespace you are interested in (e.g., Root\CIMV2).
            • Click on the Security button.
            • Add the local user and give these permissions: Execute MethodsEnable Account andRemote Enable.
            • Start DCOMCNFG.exe
            • Select COM Security
            • In section Launch and Activation Permissions click Edit Limits...
            • Add the local user and allow these permissions: Local LaunchRemote Launch and Remote Activation

            Updated: 06 May 2016 06:59 AM
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