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            How to connect to the AssetExplorer database?

            To find the database connected to your installation, open Command Prompt with elevated permission, navigate to [AE-Home]\bin directory and invoke the batch file 'changeDBServer.bat'. [AE-Home] is Drive:\ManageEngine\AssetExplorer\ directory.

            For MSSQL database

            Connect to the query analyzer of the SQL server and execute the queries.

            For PGSQL database 

            Open command prompt on the application server and connect to the folder ManageEngine\AssetExplorer\pgsql\bin> and use the command
            psql.exe -U postgres -p 65433 -d assetexplorer -h

            For  MYSQL database

            Open command prompt on the application server, connect to the folder ManageEngine\assetexplorer\mysql\bin> and use the command
            mysql.exe -u root -P 33376 assetexplorer

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