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            Getting ADAudit Plus to Work

            Dear Krishna,

            I tried to call you at your number but was unable to reach you. 

            1. Please check if the user provided in ADAudit Plus has Domain Admin privileges. You might provide it under the Domain settings tab of ADAudit Plus. If you are not able to provide Domain Admin privileges please ensure the below minimum permission criteria are met by the user entered in ADAudit Plus.

            2. Please check if the audit policies have been applied as desired. 

            The Audit Policies will be applied automatically if provided right credentials. However this is not true in some environments. You will need to manually configure the audit policy following the instructions provided in the links below.

            To confirm if these policies are set correctly. On the installation machine go http://localhost/:<port number>/

            Now Click on Add-->select the computer(s)--> and Click on Go

            This will list the resultant set of policies for the selected computers. The resultant policy will include entries in Red. Ensure that you edit your File Server GPMC as provided in the documentation to ensure that the Audit Policy is configured correctly.

            3 . Ensure that you have the SACLs set properly for the File Shares by following the Link below.

            The final SACL setup will show 4 entries under the auditing tab.

            4. Try connecting the eventvwr of the desired FileServer from the eventvwr of ADAudit Plus installed machine (by connecting as ADAudit Plus user - check image for reference) and let us know if you are able to access the Securitylogs.

            5. Please check if Firewalls are switched off else switch the below listed ports. 

            * Port "389" to communicate with the LDAP Protocol.
            * Port "135" to communicate with RPC & DCOM.
            * Port "445" and "135" to communicate with NetBioS Session Service

            Do let us know if the above steps were of help. Will be happy to call and assist you accordingly.

            Updated: 12 Feb 2016 08:29 AM
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