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            Fix for Cisco ASA showing for source and Destination for build 9900

            Thank you for your time during the call. Please follow the below steps and check on the issue:

            1) Stop the NetFlow Analyzer Service.

            2) Open Command prompt as administrator and navigate to NetFlow_Home/bin and execute startDB.bat two times for windows server and three times for Linux server.

            3) Then navigate to NetFlow_Home/pgsql/bin if using Postgress Database and execute the below command:

            For Windows    :   psql -U postgres -p 13310 -h -d netflow

            For Linux        :   ./psql -U postgres -p 13310 -S ../tmp/ -h -d netflow

            If using Mysql Database :

            For Windows    :   mysql -u root -P 13310

            For Linux        :   ./mysql -u root -P 13310 -S ../tmp/mysql.sock

            4) Type use netflow

            5) Execute the following query :

                       update NetFlow_Router  set FLOW_TYPE=0;

            6) Type quit to quit mysql and \q to quit postgress.

            7) Navigate to NetFlow_Home/bin and execute stopDB.bat 2 time and check on the issue.

            8) Type exit to exit command prompt

            9) Navigate to NetFlow_Home/bin and edit by adding the following property at the end of JAVA_OPT


            10) Edit wrapper.conf under NetFlow_Home/conf by adding the additional property


            11) Download and unzip the file from the link below. open the file, you will find NFFieldCatalog.xml replace it under NetFlow_home/conf/netflow/ folder.


            12) To behave all the ASA as IPV4 (dual template issue) add the following property in System_properties.conf present under NetFlow/conf/


            13) Start NetFlow Analyzer service and check on the issue.
            Updated: 01 Dec 2017 04:05 PM
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