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            Find the missing VMs and Hosts - HyperV and Xen

            After the HyperV discovery if the VMs are missing, query the below table and check

            select * from hyperventitymomap where entity_type = 'HyperV-VM';

            select * from hyperventitymomap where entity_type = 'HyperV-Host';

            When the MOID is -4, check whether their DNS resolves, if not update it from hyperv server manager

            When the MOID is -5, that's marked as "deleted by user" so opmanager won't be mapping it.

            We have run this update query manually and restart opmanager service.

            update hyperventitymomap set moid = -4 where moid = -5;

            Now automatic discovery will initiate during every restart.  

            For Xen, it is xenentitymomap table.

            Entity_type column will be VirtualMachine for VMs and HostSystem for Hosts.
            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 01:13 AM
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