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            Device Expert migration from 5990 to the NCM 123183

            Backup the DeviceExpert data:

            Note: These steps are only application over the Device Expert build 5990 with Postgres database.  
            Also, take the backup of the complete DeviceExpert_Home directory after stopping the Device Expert service and proceed with the below steps.
            Stop the Device Expert service first and follow the below steps.

            Take a Backup of the entire DeviceExpert folder before starting Data migration.

            Download the migration pack from the below link

            1. Use the above link to download the zip file under the <DeviceExpert> directory.
            2.Extract the directly under ./<DeviceExpert_Home> directory using 'Extract Here' and select the directory location as<DeviceExpert_Home> . Please ensure 'ncmmigration' folder is present in the directory.
            3.Open command prompt and run the script file DeviceExpert\ncmmigration>sh ( For Liunx )
            Open the command prompt and run the batch file DeviceExpert\ncmmigration>
            BackupDE.bat ( For Windows )

            4. Once the backup is done, Kindly copy the folder ncmmigration fully and paste it under <NCM> directory.


            1. Download NCM 123183 version from the below link.

            Linux 32 Bit

            Linux 64 Bit

            Windows 32 Bit

            Windows 64 Bit

            2. Install the product and start it.
            3. Stop the ManageEngine Opmanager service
            4. Move the ncmmigration from the DeviceExpert installation to Opmanager folder.
            5. Open the command prompt with Admin privilege and run the script file OpManager\ncmmigration>UpgradeToNCM12.bat (Windows)
            Open the command prompt and run the batch file Opmanager\ncmmigration>sh (Linux)
            6. Wait to finish the migration process.
            7. Open the command prompt with Administrator privilege and run the script file Opmanager\bin>stopPgSQL.bat (windows)
            Open the command prompt and run the batch file Opmanager\bin>sh (Linux)
            8. Start the Opmanager service and apply the version 12 license file.

            Updated: 14 Nov 2018 10:27 PM
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