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            Consolidated Fix for Build 11001

            Note: This can be done with NetFlow Analyzer build 11001 only. Take the backup of the files before replacing. For Distributed Edition, make sure to follow the steps in Central and Collector servers.

            Download the Fix from the below link, it contains NetFlowCollector.jar, NetFlowClient.jar, NFAEE.jar, netflow.war and NFFieldCatalog.xml files:

            1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.

            2. Please cut and copy the NetFlowCollector.jar, NetFlowClient.jar, NFAEE.jar and NetFlowUtils.jar files from the location NetFlow_Home/lib to a safe location outside the NetFlow folder.

            3. Cut and copy the file named netflow.war from the location NetFlow_Home/webapps
            to a safe location outside the NetFlow folder.

            Cut and copy the file named NFFieldCatalog.xml from the location NetFlow_Home/conf/netflow
            to a safe location outside the NetFlow folder.

            5. Please copy the downloaded NetFlowCollector.jar, NetFlowClient.jar, NetFlowUtils.jar and NFAEE.jar file to the location NetFlow_Home/lib.

            6. Please replace the resources folder from the downloaded patch file under NetFlow_Home/lib.

            7. Copy the downloaded NFFieldCatalog.xml file to the location NetFlow_Home/conf/netflow.

            8. Delete the folder named 
            netflow, nba and ROOT under NetFlow_Home/webapps.

            9. Copy the downloaded netflow.war file to the location NetFlow_Home/webapps.

            10. Rename the folder named nfaee under NetFlow_Home folder as nfaee_old. ( For Distributed Edition only )

            11. Delete the folder named Logs under NetFlow_Home directory.

            12. Start the NetFlow Analyzer and wait for an hour and check.

            Steps to get the Widget
            Top N Devices by speed line graph to show the graph in 1 min interval:

            Note: The patch is applied first as mentioned above and proceed with the below steps:

            1. Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.
            2. Open the file named system_properties.conf in wordpad as administrator  from the location NetFlow_Home/conf and add the below entries:


            3. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service and check.

            Updated: 16 Oct 2017 06:49 PM
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