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            Connecting to the OpManager Database

            Question: How to connect to OpManager Database.

            Solution: We can connect to the database from OpManager Webclient itself ( Update Queries have to be executed by connecting to the database directly)

            (Click on Support tab on top right corner >Support > Submit Query or  try the  "URL : http://OpManagerIP/name:port/")

            Ex: http://OpManager:9090/ , only database read  operation is allowed)

            If the used database in MSSQL, please login to the SQL Studio, right click on OpManagerDB (CentralDB or ProbeDB in case of enterprise edition) and select Execute Query option to execute queries.

            If the database used in MySQL or PgSQL, please follow the below steps :

            To connect to the database directly, open Windows command prompt with "Run as Administrator" option, run the following command from \OpManager\mysql\bin or \OpManager\pgsql\bin directory :

            MySql Database - OpManager installed on Windows server
            OpManager Stand alone Database
            mysql.exe -u root -P 13306 OpManagerDB
            OpManager Central Database 
            mysql -u root -P 13307 CentralDB
            OpManager Probe Database      
            mysql.exe -u root -P 13308 probeDB

            PostgreSQL Database :OpManager installed on Windows server
            OpManager Stand alone Database psql -U postgres -h127.0.0.1 -p13306 OpManagerDB
            OpManager Central Database psql -U postgres  -h127.0.0.1 -p13307 CentralDB
            OpManager Probe Database  
             psql -U postgres  -h127.0.0.1 -p13308 ProbeDB

            Mysql Database : OpManager installed on Linux Server
            OpManager Stand alone Databasemysql -u root --socket=mysql.socket -P 13306 OpManagerDB
            OpManager Central Databasemysql -u root --socket=mysql.socket -P 13307 CentralDB
            OpManager Probe Database mysql -u root --socket=mysql.socket -P 13308 ProbeDB

             Database : OpManager installed on Linux server:
            OpManager Stand alone Database./psql -U postgres -p<port-number> -h <hostname> <dbname-case-sensitive>
            Eg : ./psql -U postgres -p13306 -h localhost OpManagerDB
            OpManager Central Database./psql -U postgres -p13307 -h localhost CentralDB
            OpManager Probe Database ./psql -U postgres -p13308 -h localhost ProbeDB

            To connect PostgreSQL from remote machines, PgSQL should be configured to allow external connections.

            1)Open /OpManager/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf in a wordpad

            2)Search for listen_addresses=  . Remove the comment (#) in the front and  change it to  listen_addresses='*'

            3)save the file.

            4)Open /OpManager/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf in a wordpad. search for  

            host    all             all               trust 
            Modify it to 

            host    all             all             all            trust 
            5)Save the file and restart OpManager.

            Updated: 04 Nov 2016 01:41 AM
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