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            Amazon monitor is not displaying all my EC2 Instances / RDS Instances / S3 Buckets.

            Amazon monitor is not showing EC2 Instances / RDS Instances / S3 Buckets from Amazon EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Seoul). This is because the regions EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Seoul) require Signature Version 4 Signing Process. Applications Manager uses AWS SDK for Java version 1.3.26 for connecting to Amazon services and this AWS SDK version only supports Signature Version 2 Signing Process. Hence, EC2 Instances / RDS Instances / S3 Buckets from these regions are not supported by default.


            Upgrade your build to 13600 (or any newer) Version of Applications Manager. In Version 13600, we've updated Amazon Java SDK from Version 1.3.26 to 1.11.171 and support 15 global regions in AWS. This should fix the issue.

            However, if you do not wish to upgrade to a newer version, here is what you can do:

            Customers using Applications Manager build 12710 & above :
            Follow the steps mentioned below for updating AWS SDK for Java and for monitoring AWS instances from all regions :
            1. Download the patch.
            2. Extract it under <AppManager_Home> directory. Overwrite the files, if prompted.
            3. Restart Applications Manager.
            4. Go to the Admin tab. Under Performance Polling, you can find the Amazon tab.
            5. Select the Enable monitoring for Regions with Signature Version 4 Signing Process option.
            After performing the above steps, the Amazon monitor should be able to fetch data from all the regions from the next poll.
            Customers using Applications Manager build earlier than 12710 :
            Patch for using the latest AWS SDK version is available. Please contact Applications Manager support along with your Applications Manager installation build number for getting the same.

            Updated: 22 Feb 2018 12:46 AM
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