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            A+ Integration failed --SSL cert applied --Error: PKIX path building failed:

            Error Trace in logs:

   PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target|


            1. Download the file from the link given below and extract the contents of "windows-cert" folder to the Service Desk Plus Home directory using 7zip so that lib folder is merged.
            1. Run the Extracted batch file from the command prompt using the syntax given below.
              syntax:- gencert.bat (Analytics hostname):(port)
            2.     example:  cmd> gencert.bat
            3. You will receive an exception PKIX. On supplying the value 1, a file called jssecacerts is generated in the ServiceDesk Plus Home Directory.
            4. Copy the jssecacerts file under jre\lib\security folder and restart ServiceDesk Plus application.
            5. Try integrating Analytics Plus again.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2018 09:38 AM
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