Issues with 11.3.2406.9

Issues with 11.3.2406.9

April 2024 Patching.

Prior to updating to 11.3.2406.9 the initial batch of Cumulative updates for April were showing in the missing patches and are still showing correctly in the Missing Patches list.

Since updating, ASPNet Core, .NET Runtime and 365 Apps to 17425.20176 have been released as has Google Chrome updates, these are not showing as missing patches but are listed in Latest Patches.

The majority of clients were updated to the latest agent version several hours ago, the Database has been maintained and all updated devices have been successfully patched scanned.  MEEC Service has also been restarted.

Oddly some of the missing patches listed in the Latest Patches list have been downloaded automatically as if being tested under the Test Group but are not showing in either the Patch Test Groups Patch View or in Missing Patches.

Is there an issue with the update to 11.3.2406.9 or is this a local DB issue?

Update, when trying to run a "Scan All" from System Scans we get the message

 "All the managed systems will be scanned automatically once the vulnerability DB sync is complete. Do you still want to scan all systems anyway?"

which indicates a stuck scan process.  Is anyone else experiencing this?