Zoho Project to SDP Integration

Zoho Project to SDP Integration

Considering the earlier integration discussed in the article: https://pitstop.manageengine.com/portal/en/kb/articles/sdp-to-zoho-project-integration
Subsequently, upon adding a task to Zoho Projects, it's essential to mirror this action in ServiceDesk Plus within the change module.
We can retrieve the changeID from project custom field.  For each newly added task, it's imperative to generate a corresponding task within the change in the "Implementation" Stage.

Servicedesk Plus needs to be publicly hosted to enable two-way integration. Zoho Projects cannot access a locally hosted Servicedesk Server.

Steps to follow:
  1. Login to Zoho Projects > Goto Setup > Task automation > Workflow Rules > New Workflow rule:
    1. Give a "Rule Name" of your choice
    2. Set "Layout" as "All Layouts"
    3. Execute On: select "Creation"
  2. Click on "Add Action" > Associate Custom Function > Create Custom Function:
    1. Copy paste the attached script content.  Update the URL, Techkey and the portal ID as per your instance.
    2. For generating the teckKey you can refer to : https://pitstop.manageengine.com/portal/en/kb/articles/creating-integration-key
    3. Add description, title and projectName as arguments to the custom function.  

    4. Save the custom function with a name. 
  3. You will see the newly created custom function would be added in the action.

  4. Save the newly created Workflow rule.
  5. Henceforth, each task created within this project will be reflected in SDP, in the implementation stage of the parent change.

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