Zia Prediction Fails When Email Content has Classifications

Zia Prediction Fails When Email Content has Classifications

Issue: Zia Approval prediction is not working when the prediction query has email classification content in it.

Fix: In this fix, we have created a file called IgnoreList.txt. The fix will read the contents present in this file and ignore them while reading the email content and send it for Approval Prediction. It will be filtering out the contents present in IgnoreList.txt file. In this IgnoreList.txt file, you have to add the classification content that you will be using in your emails. For example, "Classification: Restricted". This text file should contain only the content that can been seen in the classification template that you use while sending an approval email. The content you will be adding in the file is case sensitive. Hence, please make sure its the same content that you use in your emails. Also, make sure that each entries you add must end with a new line.

Build: 14101

This fix is to troubleshoot this particular case. Please contact the developer team before sharing the fix to customers

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