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Zia Bot request creation XSS issue in 14506 and above

Issue: Script gets executed in request details page when a script content is given in the description field while creating requests via Zia Bot. Issue occurs due to a breakage in v14506 .

Fix: Sanitize the description field during request creation through Zia Bot.

->Create a folder named "fixes" under <SDP-HOME> if not exists (Ex.,<Installation Folder>\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\)directory. 
->Inside the "fixes" folder (<SDP-HOME>/fixes) paste the "14506_XSS_Ziabot.fjar" attached in this article.
->Restart the Application service.

Build compatibility: 14506 
For any other build no above 14506, kindly contact developer team before providing the fjar.

Issue ID: SD-119008

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