Zia Approval / Request Reopen prediction fails due to the presence of Email Classification Headers

Zia Approval / Request Reopen prediction fails when the reply mails have Email Classification Header contents in it.

For eliminating Email Classification Headers while processing approval / reopen reply mails for Zia prediction, we already have a fix. Refer SD-108324. This fix was released in ServiceDesk Plus 14202 itself.

Solution proposed in that fix:
In order to discard such Email Classification Header contents, we are maintaining a outlookHandler.txt file under the directory:  \ServiceDesk\ZIA\resources\signature_removal. Users will have to add the Email Classification Header content that they are using in their email manually to this file. Each entry in this file must be separated with a new line. For example, if the email classification header content is as shown in the image below (testemail1.png), kindly add "This Email is classified as: Important" entry to outlookHandler.txt file. 

1. After adding entries to outlookHandler.txt file, make sure that you restart the ServiceDesk Plus application to reflect the changes.
2. If you want to add another entry, make sure there is a line break at the end of the previous entry. 
3. You can not add non English characters to this file as Zia Approval / Request reopen prediction does not support other language support (till the latest release as of 21/11/2023 = v14505).
4. Since outlookHandler.txt file can read contents only in English, even if you are using non English characters in your email classification headers, kindly trim the email header to the last valid character (excluding white spaces) and then add them to outlookHandler.txt file. For Example,  if the email classification header content is as shown in the image below (testemail2.png), kindly add "Public -" entry to outlookHandler.txt file.

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