Workstation/Server Detected

Workstation/Server Detected

SELECT Max(workstation.workstationname) "Workstation", 
       Max(workstation.model)           "Model", 
       Max(workstation.servicetag)      "Service Tag", 
       Max(state.displaystate)          "Asset State", 
       Max(osinfo.osname)               "OS", 
       Max(aaauser.first_name)          "User", 
       Max(deptDef.deptname)            "Department", 
       Max(aaov.NAME)                   "Site" FROM   systeminfo workstation 
       LEFT JOIN resources resource 
              ON workstation.workstationid = resource.resourceid 
       LEFT JOIN resourcestate state 
              ON resource.resourcestateid = state.resourcestateid 
       LEFT JOIN resourceowner rOwner 
              ON resource.resourceid = rOwner.resourceid 
       LEFT JOIN resourceassociation rToAsset 
              ON rOwner.resourceownerid = rToAsset.resourceownerid 
       LEFT JOIN departmentdefinition deptDef 
              ON rOwner.deptid = deptDef.deptid 
       LEFT JOIN sduser sdUser 
              ON rOwner.userid = sduser.userid 
       LEFT JOIN aaauser aaaUser 
              ON sduser.userid = aaauser.user_id 
       LEFT JOIN resourcelocation resLocation 
              ON resource.resourceid = resLocation.resourceid 
       LEFT JOIN sitedefinition siteDef 
              ON resLocation.siteid = siteDef.siteid 
       LEFT JOIN sdorganization aaov 
              ON siteDef.siteid = aaov.org_id 
       LEFT JOIN osinfo osInfo 
              ON workstation.workstationid = osinfo.workstationid 
GROUP  BY workstation.workstationid 

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