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              This article is based on the experience in regards to storage module with OpManager  S.No CLI API 1 SSH is used REST (http/https) is sued 2 End devices may have maximum connections limit in a specific time. Session idle timeout will affect ...
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              Every action in OpManager leaves a trace(s) in the log files. There are two logs folder in OpManager. One under the OpManager directory and the other under OpManager tomcat folder.   The logs folder under the OpManager directory contains various logs ...
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              Question: CLI based memory utilization monitor shows wrong value in OpManager for HP-UX servers , how do I add custom script monitor as a work around? Solution: You can add script monitor and associate to HP-UX devices , go to admin > Script ...
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              Any type of UPS can be monitored by making some configuration changes, provided the corresponding mib supports all the monitored parameters. Here are the details of the configuration changes. (Example: Powerware UPS - Powerware mib supports most of ...