Why don't I see the custom messages & replaceable tags given in an action in the alarm escalation notification ?

Why don't I see the custom messages & replaceable tags given in an action in the alarm escalation notification ?

Alarm escalation provides the option for escalation if any alarm has not been attended for a given time period to an email address(s) or mobile number(s) or if a specific program was executed.  The notification template & work flow logic used in the alarm escalation is such that you cannot associate the rule to any one individual attribute, so the replaceable tags and the custom messages in an action will not be taken and only the recipients ("From Address" & "To Address") are used from the selected actions. 

Also, if the selected action is an email action the notification will have Monitor Group(s)/Monitor(s),Alarm Created Time,Alarms uncleared duration,RCA Message. If a SMS action is selected then it will send the list of monitor(s) or group(s) whose alarms are uncleared. If you use an execute program action, it will run the action without taking into account any of the monitor(s) or group(s) attributes meaning it does not execute the action by using any specific monitor details like hostname,port, ipaddress etc into consideration.

Refer the attached sample for email and sms.

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