Where can I see the .NET agent logs?

Where can I see the .NET agent logs?

The .NET agent logs can be found only in the common application folder (Usually under  C:\ProgramData\ from Vista onwards and C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ for Windows Server 2003. This is a hidden folder)

Check the below folder path:

From 1.8.2 Version of APMInsight .NetAgent you can use APMInsight .NetAgent Health Monitor utility which is bundled with the agent installation to collect diagnostic information. You may run the Health Monitor utility for the following: (Start-->Programs-->ManageEngineDotnet Agent)
  1. To check whether the pre-requisite services and processes are running.
  2. Create a Diagnostics Zip file with all required logs from the agent side.

You can also capture event log entries in this zip file.

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