Testing the WMI connection with WBEMTEST

Testing the WMI connection with WBEMTEST

To check if the connection between OpManager server and the monitored device is clear, Please perform the below steps,

1. From OpManager server, click on "Start>Run--->wbemtest" and click on ok. This will launch WMI tester.
2. Click on "Connect" and in the top box type in \\<Device Name>\root\cimv2
3. In the Credentials type in User name and password used in OpManager and choose "Connect"
4. If all the query buttons in WMI tester are getting activated means there is no trouble with the connection and WMI.

If not check the username or password or firewall or the services. If you have any trouble, Send us the screenshot for further analysis.

P.S : Replace the highlighted device name with problematic device name or IP address.

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