Users are not getting synced from OpManager to Applications Manager

Users are not getting synced from OpManager to Applications Manager

Troubleshooting Steps:

Step 1 -  User name, Domain Name are case-sensitive. Ask them to check whether they are try to login using correct case.

Step 2 - Check the version of OpManager.

If it is 11600, get the output of the following queries from OpManager

select * from userpasswordtable

select * from usergrouptable

If it is 12000 and above, get the output of the following queries from Opmanager

select a.user_id,a.first_name,a.middle_name,a.createdtime,a.last_name,a.description,,b.domainname from aaauser a,AAALOGIN b where a.user_id=b.user_id 

select * from activedirectoryinfo

select * from aaaauthorizedrole

 From  Applications Manager get the output of the following queries

select * from am_userpasswordtable

select * from am_usergrouptable

Check if both the output have the same user details.

Step 3 - Search for PluginUtil : in Applications Manager Plugin logs 

  1. To check Applications Manager Plugin is able to successfully connect with OpManager using http/https protocol (We try making connection with OpManager for 5 times - First 3 using the actual hostname, 4th time using localhost, 5th time using IP
    1.1) The below print should be found if the Applications Manager Plugin is able to successfully connect
              PluginUtil :  Successfully got connection for user syncing using the Host:
    1.2) If Applications Manager Plugin is not able to connect with OpManager, error print with proper response code can be found with the prefix PluginUtil :
    1.3) Based on the response code value, guide the customer to resolve the connectivity issue.
            For example, the customer might have configured a proxy in the Applications Manager Plugin which might be preventing to connect with OpManager, help him to resolve the issue by updating the proxy configuration to bypass localhost under Apps -> Admin -> Connectivity -> Proxy Server
    Note: Please make sure that all five connection attempts are failed before proceeding with connectivity resolution steps 
  2. If the connectivity is successful, we initiate the user sync process, the same can be verified using the below print
     PluginUtil : Generated URL: FirstTimeSyncThread: 
  3. User sync status can be checked by searching for the below print
     Plugin : RequestUtil : getRequestResult

    If prints are not found, please request the customer to restart the service once and then check the logs as we do the above process on every restart 
Step 4 - 
Get Support Information File from both OpManager and Applications Manager Plugin to troubleshoot the issue further 
     Note: Make the product is restarted at least once before generating the support information file