Used Rules Not Shown for Cisco ASA (FWA)

Used Rules Not Shown for Cisco ASA (FWA)

For every transaction happening in Cisco Firewall, an rule configured in it matches. This matched policy along with complete transaction detail is audited through Message-ID 106100.  Please follow the below link which provides more information about the same. This message identifier will provide information for both accepted and denied transactions.

The log containing the above information is forwarded to Firewall Analyzer machine via syslog. We parse these information to get the "Used" rules. This information is populated in  "Firewall Rules Report" --> "Top Used Rules" report.
Categorization is based on ACL group and not based on ACL entries.  The information that is provided by Cisco as part of syslog message is the "ACL" name.  So with the help of complete access-list fetched from the firewall, we can show "Unsed Rules" based on "ACL" and not fine grained to ACL entries.

To find out which particular ACL entry is used or not, please click on the particular rule name in "Firewall Rules Report" --> "Top Used Rules", you will be able to see the entries in it with corresponding hit count.
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