Upgrading OpManager to the latest build

Upgrading OpManager to the latest build

Question : How to upgrade OpManager to the latest build.


Based on the current version choose the below  path for the upgrade.

8000/8721/8723/8800                                  -->> 8810                             
8810/8811/8812/9000                                  -->> 9010                                 
9010/9011                                                   -->> 9100                                  
(9100/9101                                                 -->> 9200                                  
9200 > (Jre Upgrade and 9410 upgrade)       -->> 9410                                  
9400                                                           -->> 9410                                   
9410/9450/10000/10100                              -->> 10200
10200                                                         -->> 11100
11100/11200/11300                                     -->> 11400

Take a backup of your current OpManager database  after stopping OpManager service. In addition to the database backup, we also recommend you to take OpManager folder backup.

Refer the blow articles for taking backup:

Upgrade steps:

1.Stop the ManageEngine OpManager Service through Services window (Start > run > Services.msc)
2.In task Manage kill OpManager "java.exe" and "mysqld-nt.exe"  processes if running.
3.Disable any Antivirus running on OpManager server (can enable it after upgrade).
4.Download OpManager upgrade ppm from the link below:
5.Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat from  <opmanager-home>/bin folder through OpManager server command
   prompt with Run as administrator privilege, this opens the Update Manager tool.
6.Click "Browse" to select the Upgrade Pack file (the .ppm file that you'd downloaded) > Click "Install"
7.Once it is  finished click "Exit"
8.Start OpManager service and make sure everything works fine.

(Note: If you are upgrading multiple PPM files , it is  mandatory to start OpManager service after every PPM upgrade before proceeding to the next PPM)

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