NetFlow Analyzer 12.7 upgrade

Upgrade steps from build 12.6 or above to 12.7


  1.   NetFlow Analyzer version 12.7 has PostgreSQL data migration from 10.21 to 14.7
  2.  Tomcat - 8.5.43 to 9.0.71 
  3. JDBC driver changes
  4. postgresql-42.4.0.jar to postgresql-42.5.1.jar
  5. jtds-1.2.2.jar to mssql-jdbc-8.4.1.jre8.jar
  6.  Disk Space in the NetFlow Analyzer installed drive should be 1.25 times free with respect to the current size of NetFlow / OpManager folder for the migration to complete
  7.   We used OpManager_Home to denote the NetFlow Analyzer installed directory in this document.


    1. Please stop NetFlow Analyzer service

                 Windows : Open Service.msc and and stop Manageengine OpManager service

                 Linux        : Navigate to OpManager_Home\bin and execute  Sh twice to stop the running product .   

            2.Stop the running background jobs like postgres,java and NetFlow tray icon on services

                Windows : Open Task Manager and kill any process like java.exe ,postgres and any Tray icons if running.

                Linux       Execute ps -auxx | grep "postgres" and ps -auxx | grep "java" 

                                and kill if any process is running.

          3.  Take backup of entire Manageengine folder or VM snapshot before proceeding upgrade which can be used to restore product if upgrade fails in between. 

PPM for 12.7 upgrade


    1. Open Command prompt with Administrator privilege and navigate to OpManager_Home\bin (depends on your folder name) and execute Updatemanager.bat (Windows) or sh -c (Linux) and  linux users should login as root users to proceed upgrade.

                              For Linux upgrade please execute the command umask 0002 before executing the

    2. Browse the first PPM to upgrade to 12.7 and click on install and wait until the upgrade is completed.


    3. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service after first upgrade and check the version number in GUI

    4. Now go to Settings-> General -> Migration Status and check the migration status of your historic storage to newer version,it may take upto 2 days maximum and it depends on your existing data storage.



    5. After day or two you can again navigate to Migration Status under Settings page and check whether the migration is completed and then you can check your historic storage in NetFlow Analyzer.




     Notes: Once this migration is completed then you can check your historic storage and then proceed with your next step of upgrade to latest according to PPM shared.



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