Update status on Technician auto assign

Update status on Technician auto assign

Updating request status when a technician is assigned through technician auto assign.

Steps to configure:
  1. Goto Admin > Developer Space > Request Custom Functions > Global function > New > Paste the content from the attachment GF_4 - Configuration.txt and save it with a name.
  2. Update the URL and integration key in the script. 
    1. You can get the integration key under Admin > Integrations > Integration Key > New
    2. Please use an integration key with admin privilege, as there wont be any role related permission issues. 

    3. Update the integration key in the global function.
    4. https://help.servicedeskplus.com/api/rest-api.html$key

  3. Go to Admin > Developer Space > Request Custom Functions > Custom Actions > Paste the content from the TAAUpdateStatus.txt and save it with a name.
    1. Modify the below in the script:
      1. Global Function name\count
      2. Status Name
      3. Status Change Comments 
  4. Configure custom trigger as below to get invoked every time a request is created.

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