Update Requester from Request Description

Update Requester from Request Description

When a request is submitted on behalf of a user via email, the request description includes the requester's full name. This must be parsed in order to update the ticket requester.

Steps to follow:
  1. Goto Admin > Request Custom Functions > Global function > New > Paste the content from the attachment  Global function_4.txt  and save it with a name.
  2. Update the URL and integration key in the script. 
    1. You can get the integration key under Admin > Integrations > Integration Key > New
    2. Please use an integration key with admin privilege, as there wont be any role related permission issues. 

    3. Update the integration key in the global function.

    4. Incase of older builds you can use the techniciankey with admin privilege.
  3. Go to Admin --> Request Custom Functions. Create a new function.
    1. Refer to the attached script. (updateRequesterFromDescription.txt.)
    2. Update the global function count in the script as per your instance.
    3. Sample Description content:

  4. Configure Request custom trigger to get executed on every request being created with "mode" as "email".

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