Script to update Request with another Group when the request is approved

Script to update Request with another Group when the request is approved

Use case:  
Assume a requester is requesting for an gadget asset and it requires approval from their managers.  This ticket needs to be moved to "Asset" group only when the ticket gets approved.


- Python should be installed in the server and configured. You can review the instructions here
- Requests module should be installed with the python

Execution Steps:
1.  Extract the ZIP file under ..\ManageEngine\Servicedesk\integration\custom_scripts - folder.
2.  Edit the configuration.json and update the URL and Technician Key.
3. Edit and update the group name. 
3.  Configuring a Custom Trigger:  Go to Admin > Custom Trigger > give a trigger name > Execute the action - when the request is approved > execute script - py $COMPLETE_V3_JSON_FILE 

If you are using additional field as criteria, please go to Admin >> Business Roles >> Set the criteria >> Use the Action as Execute Script. 

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