Unable to restore database : zip file too large

Unable to restore database : zip file too large

In oldest versions like 8.0, 8.1. 8.2, 8.3, you may come across restore issues when the backup file is huge (even more than 3 or 4GB). In those cases, this article would be helpful.

Scenario 1:

If you come across this when you are trying to setup UAT environment, then the solution to this would be, to take trimmed backup from PROD server and then try to restore the same in UAT setup. This will have the restore successful. Later you can copy the following folder from PROD to UAT,

Custom, Images, Inline Images and File Attachments under ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus MSP folder.

Scenario 2:

There may be certain cases say where you do not have UAT and after upgrade failure in PROD, you do not have a trimmed backup or a SQL backup or VM snapshot, but ONLY a full backup which gives you the error mentioned in subject, then, in those cases, you are left with only option i.e. to restore the full backup to get your PROD server up and running. Please refer steps to achieve the same after removing the File Attachments and Inline images which consists of more data.

1. Take a copy of the backup file and store it in a different location. Just for safety so that if there is a trouble in modification, you still have the original backup file.

2. Now, convert the backup file (.Data) by renaming the file as .ZIP.

3. Open a new folder, Unzip the file (Right click->Extract here).

4. Remove the File attachments and Inline images folder and place it outside the new folder. Also, ensure to remove the actual backup file converted as ZIP.

5. Now, copy all the files in the New folder and add them as a Zip file(Copy all files->Right click->7 Zip->Add to New folder.zip)

6. Once the file is zipped, rename it with the original backup file name and change the file extension back to .DATA. Store this in another new folder for easy reference say Modified Backup.

7. Now try restoring the backup from the Modified folder and the restore should work fine now.

8. Login as Administrator and check your data.

9. Once it is fine, copy the Inline images and FileAttachments.zip  to the ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus MSP folder.

10. Then, ensure to unzip the FileAttachments.zip on to the same location.

If you have any issues, kindly drop an email to sdpmsp@manageengine.com with the steps tried, screenshots of the error message and the Build number which you have issue with.

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