Unable to Reindex in 10.5 builds

Unable to Reindex in 10.5 builds

Reindexdata batch fails to invoke post 10500 build due to incorrect classpath set in the file.

* Navigate to ManageEngine\ServiceDeskPlus-MSP\bin
*Take a copy of reIndexData.bat or reIndexData.sh outside the application folder
* Edit the reIndexData.bat or reIndexData.sh 

Fix for Windows 

set CLASS_PATH variable must be replaced with set CLASS_PATH="%SERVER_HOME%\bin\run.jar";"%SERVER_HOME%\lib\*";"%SERVER_HOME%\lib\tomcat\*"

Fix for Linux 

reIndexData.sh  file CLASS_PATH variable must be replaced with CLASS_PATH=$SERVER_HOME/bin/run.jar:$SERVER_HOME/lib/*:$SERVER_HOME/lib/tomcat/*
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