Analytics Plus not accessible in iPad

Analytics Plus not accessible in iPad

Issue: Unable to launch AnalyticsPlus in iPad

If a customer tries to launch AnalyticsPlus in an iPad, after entering the credentials the screen will be stuck in loading data.


The issue occurs as few security changes were not enabled in the URLs used for the Mobile App.


Please follow the below steps in the customer setup.

  • Open the file <AnalyticsPlus_home>/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/securityxmls/security-zrop.xml
  • Search for the string apiscope="mobileapi" and replace them with apiscope="reportsapi"
  • Search for the string antisamyfilter_mproxy and replace them with antisamyfilter_reports_mail
  • Restart the services and then try connecting in iPad.

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