Unable to import users: using the provisioning tool

Unable to import users: using the provisioning tool

The following are the possible causes you are not able to import users into the application

Error: Invalid username or Password:
In the username field you need to provide the distinguished name of the administrator.
e.g., cn=administrator,OU=Texas,dc=domain,dc=com 

You can find out the distinguished name of a user using a tool like ADSIEdit (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc773354(v=ws.10).aspx)

Error: Password breach
In regards to the error, the password you were using might have been under the list of passwords in our previous data breach and we'd not be able to have you use such passwords due to security reasons. Kindly enter a strong password and then you will be able to reset the password without any issues

Error: IAM error0016 - cannot add user - Max limit reached

It seems like you have reached the maximum number of users that can be imported into the application. This can be increased from the backend, please reach out to support and we can increase it.

Error: “IAMError:U123: The user is not part of the current organization”

The user might have an individual zoho or he might be part of another organization. Please share us the user's email address as an email, we can check and confirm the same.

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