Troubleshoot startup issues

Unable to connect to the application

Checklist :


  1. Check whether the web interface is accessible from the server?
  2. Is the URL accessible? Check if there are any errors?
  3. Can you connect to the application using the server's IP address?
  4. Are there any errors when you start the application from Windows services?
  5. Were there any recent changes in hardware or software on the server?
  6. Has there been any unexpected crashes or power outage?

Troubleshooting :


  1. Check whether the service is running in the Services & Task Manager (java.exe and multiple Pgsql.exe processes)

  1. Stop the services and check if above-specified processes are still listed, if so then End above processes manually?
    1. If the postgres.exe process keeps regenerating, then use C:\Manageengine\ServiceDesk\bin\stopDB.bat 
  2. Start the application from the command prompt, C:\ManageEngine\ServiceDesk\bin\run.bat

  1. Find the error and click on the respective errors to troubleshoot, 

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