Unable to connect to OpManager's "Applications" tab from Mozilla Firefox

Unable to connect to OpManager's "Applications" tab from Mozilla Firefox

When OpManager was opened using Firefox browser and the SSL certificates used were untrusted, users were not able to connect to the Applications tab. 

If OpManager is accessed from any other browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, users have an option called Accept the risk and proceed that allows them to proceed anyway. Once an untrusted certificate has been trusted, all the certificates from this particular hostname will be trusted. Even though this method is not recommended since it exposes the user to the vulnerabilities present in the browser, this was a workaround.

But even then, in the case of Firefox, only the respective hostname and the port will be trusted. The Accept the risk and proceed option will not be available for Applications Manager.

Here are a few other ways that might help you remediate this problem:

  • Upload a CA certificate to OpManager so that the browser can trust both OpManager and the Applications Manager plug-in. (Highly recommended)

  • Access Applications Manager as a standalone product from the browser, and then accept the risk, if you want to continue. Now, access the OpManager UI. Click here to know about the steps to find the hostname and port number of the APM plugin.

  • Under Firefox, go to "Settings -> Privacy & Settings -> View Certificates -> Servers -> Add Exception", and then add an exception for the Applications Manager URL in the Firefox Certificate Manager.

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