Unable to add Active Directory monitor

Unable to add Active Directory monitor

    1. Open command prompt in administrator mode and navigate to <Applications Manager Home>\working\conf\application\scripts directory.

    2. Execute the below command replacing hostnameusername and password with that of the Active Directory server:

     cscript wmicheckauthentication.vbs hostname username password "select * from Win32_PerfRawData_PerfOS_Processor where Name='_Total'"

    3. Check the output of the script. If it gets executed without error, you will be able to add the monitor in Applications Manager.

    4. Check the prerequisites and proceed to add the monitor. The prerequisites can be found here:http://help.appmanager.com/prerequisites-for-applications-manager$ActiveDirectory

    5. Check the output and try to resolve the errors found, if any. 


If unable to resolve, reach out to our support with the output of the script execution to appmanager-support@manageengine.com along with the latest Support Information File (SIF) from Applications Manager with print all logs enabled for analysis.

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