UDP Port Monitor - Troubleshooting

UDP Port Monitor - Troubleshooting

How do we monitor UDP Port?
  1. UDP is a connectionless protocol which doesn't send any acknowledgement on connecting to the UDP port like TCP.
  2. When UDP port is not open system will send ICMP port unreachable message. The Issue is when the UDP port is blocked by a firewall system will not send ICMP port unreachable message. So we cannot use this method directly for checking port availability which will lead to an incorrect availability report.
  3. To overcome above issue we need to send a command to the Service and expect the response back within the given timeout period with which we can confirm the UDP port availability.
  4. Note - Command varies based on the Application Service monitored

Not able to add UDP Port Monitor

  1. Check if the service you tend to monitor is up and accessible from the server where Applications Manager is installed.
  2. Make sure that the service returns response for the command provided within the given timeout period. 
  3. When there is no response from the server, try increasing timeout value and check.
  4. To check the response from the Service search for below lines in stdout.txt file
    1. resourceId :: UDPPortDataCollector :: doDataCollection() :: Response from the server
UDP Port Monitor can not monitor TCP ports. Make sure that the port provided is an UDP port.

Only UDP services with command can be monitored in UDP port monitor. For monitoring other UDP services make use of the Script Monitor.

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