Tuning Steps for High Performance Reporting Engine

Tuning Steps for High Performance Reporting Engine

Follow All the Steps as mentioned below:

1. Login to the High Performance Reporting Engine server (if installed in a remote server)with the Administrator login that used during the time of the High Perf installation.
2. You should have at-least 8 GB RAM on the server for the better performance.
3. Open command prompt as Administrator
4. Execute ingstop -service 3 times
5. Make sure there is no Actian or vectorwise service running in the task manager.

Follow the below step to Tune High Performance Reporting Engine :

1. Open the file named vectorwise.conf from under Actian\VectorwiseVW\ingres\data\vectorwise\ and search the below parameters and edit the changes as given below:

max_memory_size=10G  // 8G for 16 GB RAM ; 4G for 8 GB RAM
num_cores=8              // 8 if the CPU is Dual Core with HT ; 4 if the CPU is 1 core with HT
bufferpool_size=6G  // 4G for  16 GB RAM ; 2G for 8 GB RAM

Add the below 2 entries at the end of the vectorwise.conf:


2. Open the file named config.dat from Actian\VectorwiseVW\ingres\files, search and edit the properties and mentioned below:

ii.nfaxen-cent1.dbms.*.connect_limit:   100
ii.nfaxen-cent1.gcn.session_limit:      100

//Where nfaxen-cent1 is the machine name in it. Please Edit it, don't replace.

3. Once done, restart the High Performance reporting Engine server and check on the issue.
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