Troubleshooting MS SQL login failure

Troubleshooting MS SQL login failure

The following error message appears in MS SQL monitor during login:
"Login Failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication" 

  1. Verify if the password of the SQL account (domain\username) is correct:
    To check the same, connect the SQL Server to any one of the query tools (SSMS/DB visualizer with MS JDBC) with the same user account. If you're able to connect, the password is correct.
  2.  Add the user account to "Access this computer from the network" local security policy. (Refer this link for more details)
  3.  If the SQL account is the same as its service account, then the password may not have be updated at SQL service. If you recently changed the windows authentication password, then you need to update it at the service level as well.
                  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.
                  2. Click SQL Server Services.
                  3. In the details pane, right-click SQL Server (<instance name>), and then click Properties.
                  4. In the SQL Server (<instance name>) Properties dialog box, on the Log On tab, for the account listed in the Account Name box, type the new password in the Password and Confirm Password boxes, and then click OK. (For more details, click here)

If you have verified and executed the above steps and still unable to login to MSSQL, kindly send the following to AppManager Support team:
  1. MsSQLDebug Result (For more information, click here)
  2. Screenshot of successful connection made in db query tool(SSMS/Dbvisulazer)
  3. Screenshot of access provided. (From Step 2)
  4. SIF

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