Troubleshooting Inconsistent .NET Core monitors Availability

Troubleshooting Inconsistent .NET Core monitors Availability

Issue: Some applications are experiencing inconsistent availability status, where they appear to be active but are reported as "down." This issue can occur due to the nature of application monitoring and how the monitoring agent interacts with the application pool's idle time settings.

Follow below troubleshooting steps to address inconsistent availability issues for monitored applications:
1. Log in to the IIS server console where the applications are hosted.
2. For the application pool associated with the monitored application, configure the "Idle Time out Action" as "Suspend" instead of "Terminate"

Reason: When the "Idle Time out Action" is set to "Terminate" the monitoring agent may terminate the Worker process (e.g., dotnet.exe) during periods of inactivity. This termination can lead to the application being reported as "Down". By setting the configuration to "Suspend",  you ensure that the Worker process remains active, and the monitoring agent can continue communication even during idle periods. Communication will only stop when the IIS site or application pool is manually stopped.
3. Monitor the application's availability status. It should now accurately reflect the application's state, turning green when transactions occur and accurately showing "Down" when the IIS site or application pool is stopped.

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